The business center of approximately 2,600 sqm. has been constructed in Kropotkinskaya Metro of Moscow, Russia. The historical building from 15th century has renovated in conformity to European standards and a new reinforced concrete annex building which has the same architectural concept, exterior finishing and ornaments with the existing one, is constructed and connected to the existing building. The construction has been fulfilled on "Turn Key" bases including the project developement, feasibility studies, technical and economical specifications and reports, and all design works with their local permits and approvals.

The owner is Austrian SHS-Schaller company, and therefore the construction has carried out in conformity to European norms and standards (DIN, ASTM, BSI, SNIP, CE). The business center building consists of office areas, meeting rooms, kitchen and cafeteria, penthouse dwelling flats, storages and technical rooms. The building is constructed as "intelligent building" with the technology and systems including HVAC, computer network system, automation for lighting and heating system, security and access control systems, etc..